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Antirust Lithium Base Grease  bearings of electical machine and pump
#2 Aviation Grease antifriction bearing
#2 Low-temperature Grease instrument and radio of turbojet aircraft
Gun Grease machinery parts of light weapon
Cannon Grease machinery parts of heavy weapon
Ammunition Protection Grease ammunition
#3 Instrument Grease aircraft operating system
Calcium Base Grease machinery equipment 
Universal Lithium Base Grease  rolling bearing, sliding bearing
Universal Auto Lithium Base Grease hub bearing,chassis,pump,generator
MP-3 Grease vehicle steering wheel cross,chassis universal joint
MoS_2 EP Lithium Base Grease heavy duty gear and bearing
EP Lithium Base Grease  high load mechanical device bearing and gear
EP Compounded Lithium Base Grease high-temperature and high load mechanical device
Ordnance Protective Oil ordnance protective
#5 Antirust Oil piston engine
Synthetic Spindle Oil machinery equipment
 Aviation Jet Engine Lubricating Oil air jet lubrication system(for J-5 J-6 etc
Aviation Lubricating Oil air jet lubrication system(for navigation aircraft)
Aviation hydraulic fluid imported crane,telescopic boom